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I just wanted to listen to Dean Baker talk economics

JoeBoyum Nov 27, 2012

Actions contrary to good order and discipline.  And they want gender integration in combat units?  And homosexuals?  Glad I was in the army where you could ‘Be All that You can Be’.  And that did not mean hot man on man action or banging your ranger buddy in the field.

  • Peter von Maidenberg says:

    December 9, 2012 at 12:05 am

    It’s like anything else. The more in need you are, the less people want to help. It’s a well-ingrained social instinct to shun the weak.

    Asherhe says:December 15, 2012 at 1:21 pm

  • The problem is that the term “rape” has devolved into a metaphysical category. The real question is whether this guy should be punished by the police powers of the state and, if so, what that punishment should look like.I say create a category of crime for this sort of situation, call it 20th degree rape and provide sentencing guidelines of ten to sixty days in county.

The later regret morphs into rape.
She sobers up and he is not so good looking – rape
She wakes up and sobs for having cheated on her boyfriend – rape
She wakes angry as he’s gone – rape
Welcome to the world of single American women where the logic of consent fades to emotional wreckage


  • Steve Jones

    Steve Jones 4 hours ago

    Oh look, Obongo has his puppet master behind him, that piece of shit Biden. Won’t be long before the revolution, and we can watch both their sorry asses being hung in public, along with the rest of the Jew bastards who have taken over our countries.


    HulkSmashPunyHumans 1 month ago

    Shut the fuck up. yeah “the system is rigged against third party”

    You don’t SHIT about my country you stupid fucking norwegian prick. But like most goddamn Europeans you think your knowledge is superior to any Americans in everything regarding my country.

      • This comment has received too many negative votes

        Libert1617 1 month ago

        jgoves56 well the entitlement programs r wrong n should b transitioned out of. instead of social security people should save their own moneey for their own retirement. n if u get the government out of health than prices will go down cuz insurance n medicare u dont ask the price of the healthcare cuz the gov’t n insurance pays it. insurance should only cover catasrophic. n u called killkeynes a “retard” because u can’t defend ur position so u just call people names. we libertarians use facts

    • jgroves56

      jgroves56 1 month ago

      Facts? All you did was spew Libertarian dogma with the worst grammar possible. He called Social Security “morally disgusting”. I stated a FACT which was that Social Security pulled MILLIONS of Senior citizens out of poverty and continues to do so.

      It is corporate brainwashed right wingers like you that are morally disgusting.

      · in reply to Libert1617
    • TheEzekiel300

      TheEzekiel300 1 month ago

      Cut Medicare, Social Security & Medicaid?” what about the old people that worked all their lives. paying taxe? Ron Paul sucks.


      bornbythesea 1 year ago

      The Jesuits created the Fed. And it was the Jesuits that murdered JFK because he would not submit to the Vatican over the U.S. Constitution. And they were able to use his death as a martyrdom in order to provide a sympathy for all incoming Catholic politicians who in fact were submissive to the Roman Whore and would do anything to further her world domination. Read books National Sunday Law and Secret History of the Jesuits.

      in reply to throwerofturds

      chin curls

      chin curls


      angry chin curls

      angry chin curls








You will need to Google seach “Tip Drill” on YouTube and watch Nelly’s video to fully understand

  • Mark

    I don’t know why he starts with a fake black person, when the Boondocks aptly noted that white people love cheese

    however i am glad that he mentions benjamins credentials because any white people in a story about cheese shouldve won an award ideally

  • Kelley

    “The man also looks familiar, like most artists in Colorado. Almost exactly like a Village Voice writer in whose periphery Benjamin has been wandering for a couple of years now.”

    I mean, Colorado artists?

    I can’t have goat cheese, I get really sick.

  • Kelley

    One time, in Atlanta, we went to this pizza place and they put 800 types of cheese on our pizza. I didn’t realize this. About thirty minutes later I ran out of the restaurant and threw up. Then I laid on the sidewalk because my brother and family were just like, ‘eh, she’ll be fine until we finish.’

  • Mark

    also i like that the lactose intolerance casts a kind of Freudian pall over the story, like it is signifying some deep seated anal retentiveness

    I don’t believe this story would fare well with the tea party crowd

    like, the village voice is a communist publication

    and then what kind of American vomits from pizza?

  • Kelley

    “But of course, Benjamin would write the same story. Would laugh courteously on Sunday, at appropriate moments, whilst Mooney downed pitchers and steaks and regaled a girl from the Dallas Business Journal at the shopping center not quite within walking distance from the Hilton.”

    wait, who is Mooney? And why is he walking distance from Hitler?

  • Mark

    Mooney is the fake black guy

    from the beginning

  • Kelley


  • Mark

    who films other black guys

    he’s the story’s Sidney Poitier

  • Kelley

    So Mooney is going with the two other people to sell cheese in a traffic jam?

  • Mark

    Do you see what I’m saying? He subverts the whole “only white people love cheese” trope. this story is courageous. it’s like the color purple but replace vaginas with Camembert

  • Kelley

    I’m so confused. Homeless, shoeless men? What kind of marketplace is this?

  • Mark

    An exclamatory kind

  • Kelley

    “Francine, an inconsolable poet, has begun selling cheese out of her Subaru.”

    That is my alter ego right there. An inconsolable poet who sells cheese. I wish I had a Subaru.

  • Mark


  • Kelley

    did you just “vigorous”ly sex yourself?

  • Mark

    That sounds like the beginning of a porno

    I would make a porn version of this story

    They’d both be lesbians in my version

  • Kelley

    ““cheesemonger.” The various social networks made it so.”

    this is how it would open hopefully

  • Mark

    the lesbian pretending to be a SRS WRITAR is not as on overused trope as the boring white dude

    also the dreams of vigorous sex would become realized

    there’d be no couponning

    they would rub themselves down with cash and cheese

  • Kelley

    I just had to yell at someone… I am back

  • Mark

    it would actually just be Benjamin getting a tip drill from Francine

    since that’s what’s at the core of this story

    like it’s about a man who just wants to swipe a credit card down a girl’s ass crack

  • Kelley

    that is the most beautiful music video ever made

  • Mark

    presumably to pay for the cheese he’s going to vomit up

  • Kelley

    there is no cheese in that video. the money being tossed around is the metaphorical ‘cheese’

  • Mark


    this story is too brave for that

    it deals with cheese directly

  • Kelley

    what if this was the whole story, “But he’s getting carried away with the parentheticals. None of this is important now. ”

  • Mark

    not some abstract notion we pin to the idea of cheese

  • Kelley

    right right… rap videos about strippers are really vague. I need more concrete language

  • Mark

    yeah this one even has dictionary definitions

    what is more concrete than that

  • Kelley

    like saying, “it must be your ass, because it ain’t your face” is very confusing to me

    i mean, i am quoting lyrics from memory, but what ‘face’ are we really talking about?

    and when you swipe a credit card between ass cheeks, what are you REALLY saying?

  • Mark

    you’re saying “this cheese is mine”

    in both the money way

    and, as this story points out, the literal way

  • Kelley

    it is really tackling some literary hurdles

    “Francine goes livid, pounding her thin wrists against as much Japanese molding as her arms can reach.”

    What is this about Japan’s mold?

  • Mark

    well, you know, that whole fukushima thing

    the mold is radioactive now

    what if swamp thing becomes a reality?

  • Kelley

    you probably shouldn’t pound it then… this really is a porn.

  • Mark

    that’s what she’s worried about

    I’m telling you

    luring people to her subaru

    and everyone knows poets are slutty

    why else would they be luring people to subaru’s

    uhhh i didnt mean to use an apostrophe there

  • Kelley

    if swamp thing became a reality, it’d be a hard-hitting journalist

  • Mark

    that’s what happened to andrew breitbart

  • Kelley

    poets are huge sluts, i should know… i slutted it up five minutes ago

  • Mark

    he didn’t die, he just went back to the swamp

  • Kelley

    that is on his tombstone

  • Mark


    which is also his tombstone

  • Kelley

    never get the kind with ‘every’ cheese on it.
    a stomach cannot handle it.

  • Mark

    since swamp thing journalists die from eating 9000 cheese pizza

  • Kelley

    speaking of swampy

  • Mark


    organ solos?

  • Kelley

    no, i got an update. it is irrelevant now, but this:

    “Reckless; hysterical; much fortune telling. This is what Benjamin records later, in his notebook, on the trail to Emerald Lake.”

    He has so many diaries because of his allergy to dairies

  • Mark

    imagine if this story was set to “in a gadda da vida”

  • Kelley

    see what i did there? as a slut poet?

  • Mark

    yeah it wouldve gone great to iron butterfly too

  • Kelley

    i thought the song was, ‘Andy got a new diva baby’

  • Mark

    because that’s a vagina reference

  • Kelley

    it is really important for me to talk about vaginas at least once a week

  • Mark

    what if this whole story is a metaphor for yeast infections

  • Kelley

    wear more cotton

    eat yogurt

    wait though, where is mooney? did mooney exist? i don’t understand anything.

  • Mark

    synthetic panties give you cheese vagina

    that should be the title of this story

  • Mark

    synthetic panties give you cheese vagina: a mashup of tip drill and in a gadda da vida


The CSI Miami YouTube page is brimming with talent (someone vote on the best)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sarYH0z948 = what I used to use as ‘punishment’ for clients at my job in Colorado. AND I NEVER NOTICED THESE:

    “Sir we found semen in the victim’s ear.”

    “It seems the victim heared…

    ( •_•)

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■


    …the killer coming”


    Zerokillerfly 1 week ago 49

  • “We found Charlie Sheen dead of a cocaine overdose.”

    ( •_•) Well, it would seem…

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■ … he took enough…

    (⌐■_■) … for two and a half men.


    Grizzwald614 4 days ago 30

    • I don’t think Russian music fans should be…

      ( •_•)

      ( •_•)>⌐■-■


      “Putin” up with this.


      Fishing1233211 51 minutes ago 2

    • “Did you hear about that pirate who was killed with his own penis?”

      ( •_•)

      ( •_•)>⌐■-■


      “He was hung”


      SuperMonsterJ 4 hours ago

    • ”Sir, how do we find the victim in the night”

      ”to find him…..


      ( •_•)>⌐■-■

      ( •_•)

      ….i put off my glasses”


      DjordyH 23 hours ago

    • “Sir, the victim was found with knife marks in his eyeballs”.

      “Well it seems…”

      ( •_•)

      ( •_•)>⌐■-■

      (⌐■_■) “he kept his eyes peeled”


      hazzathehedgehog 1 day ago 2

    • “Sir the victim was found with a frog inside his throat.”

      “I think the killer wanted us to think…

      ( •_•)

      ( •_•)>⌐■-■


      …he Kermit suicide.”


      RickRollR 1 day ago 2

    • (•_•)

      ( •_•)>⌐■-■


      Like a sir

      denzel232 1 day ago

    • H, Somebody stole your puppy.


      ( •_•)>⌐■-■



      ( ;_;)>⌐■-■

      mrrobville 1 day ago

      • This may be a bad one, but I just had to put it up:

        “Sir, we found the Barracuda’s spike in Steve Irwin’s chest area.”

        “Well it seems like he died the way he lived”…




        … With Animals in his heart.”


        jetsfan8710 2 days ago

      • Looks like your response has been


        ( •_•)>⌐■-■




        Damase19 in reply to CouchPotato343 (Show the comment) 2 days ago 6

      • Yes, don’t refute my actual claim, just attack my character that totally is not a weak stance to have in a debate.

        CouchPotato343 in reply to Damase19 (Show the comment) 2 days ago

      • “Sir, somebody over at Warner Bros. decided that the world needed a straight-to-video sequel to the classic film, “A Christmas Story”. In retaliation, fans of the original disembodied him and stuffed his body parts, along with unopened copies of the sequel, down the garbage chute.”

        “Well, you know what they say, Frank: Straight-to-video equals…


        ( •_•)>⌐■-■




        Killermike2178 2 days ago

      • What a Bad name.

        Damase19 in reply to CouchPotato343 (Show the comment) 2 days ago

      • What a bad show.

        CouchPotato343 3 days ago


        HighPriceComedy in reply to StoneSpeedArrangment (Show the comment) 3 days ago

        • Frank : “the suspect was found dead a week ago, We found in his medical records that he had HIV after having sex with his assistant”

          Huratio “Frank, all he wanted was an AID……(sunglasses) but then he got AIDS”.


          Lior22g 3 days ago

        • “Sir, football player Chad Johnson was arrested.”

          “I guess you could say, he didn’t catch the pigskin”

          ( •_•)

          ( •_•)>⌐■-■


          “the pigs caught his skin.” YEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

          theblufintuna 3 days ago 4

          “The condom broke”

          “Well i guess….”

          ( •_•)>⌐■-■


          “Im just going to have to kill it”



          DoomasaurasRex 2 weeks ago 11


i almost choked on my drink ok

There are times where I think all the genius of the internet resides in the comments section on YouTube.