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When I was little I would draw and if I didn’t like something I would crumple it up and throw it away. My father said to me, “Now, if you just slide your drawing into the garbage can without crumpling it up, you could fit more drawings in the garbage bin.” Not knowing that he was going through it later and pulling out the ones he liked. After he passed away, I found a folder labeled “Peter” and I found my old drawings.

Peter Chan, in the latest Double Fine documentary (backers only)

Vladimir Mayacosby: from The Book Of A Thousand Eyes – Lyn Hejinian


Some people insist on exercising the sincerity of their intentions
No sunglasses
I cannot produce any more posterity than my grandparents could and
they will not begin to understand
In the course of a beautiful allegory a coursing god kills a child
Children return but only if their deaths are…

Vladimir Mayacosby: from The Book Of A Thousand Eyes – Lyn Hejinian


I love going to the park and singing to the animals.


You don’t have to be a parent to understand the horror of walking into a room to discover that the baby crawled out of his crib and onto that pottery wheel you forgot to turn off.  And while the baby is spinning around and around, the dog is sitting there all calm, like a person, gently using his paws to fashion the baby’s soft cartilage head into something a little more modern.  It might be the classic tale of bad parenting, but let’s see where the dog is going with this.

Like this?

I found no other option besides copy/pasting the reply as a text post. i love getting replies but they are annoying to respond to >.

I’d also like to respond to myself and reblog my own posts, but instead they go into my other blog which has some private material (CIA). I should know how to do this as well.


Super #Rare Poem by Steve Roggenbuck in the copy of Reality Hands Issue #1 that he mailed me. 🙂