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Mason Johnson

Ben Tanzer

Hey, keep remembering to submit to our wordpress site?


I had a dream I was teaching E210 again. I was talking about how 80% of my former class was full of assholes, and someone said just act like yourself and they’ll drop. And I said, “What’s myself?” They said, “You know, Dennis Hopper in ‘Apocalypse Now.’”

And at first I got all pissy, but then I did what they said, and only four people stayed enrolled in the class. Brad Vogler was the one giving advice by the way… and he is the next poet we are featuring on our wordpress blog.

You guys should do this!


Seriously. We have a project. Elizabeth? Daniel?


I love my dad. I mean… look at him. He was a king in the 80s.

And he still is.

(Note, however, my apprehension at fishing. Never been into it. I think it’s kind of weird.)

Also we’re thinking of making a line of mugs and t-shirts with that headshot on them: “John Taddonio is my friend.” Great idea y/y?

Daniel Romo is a poet and I like him

Here is his blog: