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I am going to go watch some politicians to some political things while reading about politics because I am simply a consumer.

I recently reblogged this:


Proclaiming: “I’m going out with my unemployed peers (MFA degrees are a good decision), and we WILL find a credible sources.”

Which turned into a Twittle fest with föezsz – who rules.

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath working my arse hard for joining you & rejoicing in asap. MFA is an organic made neon buttplug

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath

@feozsz Thank you!Some people were trying to convince me that I’d actually have to perform fellatio in order to gain credibility as a source

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath cunnilingulus is for sure a linguistic procession. it’ll speak for itself. no worries.

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath

@feozsz I’m going to need a source for that gesture too. People are really into empirical research methodology.

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath Epistomological Monism kills Marriage.

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath

@feozsz Are you teaching that class again this Spring!?

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath I’ve just Invaded the College of Fina Arts. Hoisting an ELF flag to the main entrance. Shall I pirate the reading list?

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath

@feozsz Yes, but make sure someone gets a black eye in the process. Progress. One broken nose at a time.

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath my index finger been broken for the last 6 months and the pain is surrealistically MFAsome.

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath

@feozsz I’ve had at least 5 concussions in the past two years. My memory is realistically MFAentitled.

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath


föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath singing a song called ”all my pseudo-MFA theses”

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath



sexual val

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeathhttp://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lnv4hpYKQa1qf3dsno1_500.gif …

hit that pole

sexual freud

The second part leaked over to Facebook. I’m Joe Biden.

Things I like:



Mason Johnson

Ben Tanzer


I love my dad. I mean… look at him. He was a king in the 80s.

And he still is.

(Note, however, my apprehension at fishing. Never been into it. I think it’s kind of weird.)

Also we’re thinking of making a line of mugs and t-shirts with that headshot on them: “John Taddonio is my friend.” Great idea y/y?

My first thoughts when I joined Twitter