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I’m so hormonal that I don’t even know what this show is – and I wanted to cry


I must be PMS-ing because when the woman on “What Not to Wear” started tearing up, I did too.

Finding a bug in my room


When I’m too scared to kill it, I’m like:

When my boyfriend is too scared to kill it, I’m like:


Sam Rockwell: Dancing Machine (by aeide13)


I think my appendix has been bursting all day, but I’ve just had enough ….. to get through it and we are supposed to drive to the shore tomorrow but I’ll die in my sleep?

Actually, there is this book I read a long time ago and the sister of the main character’s friend is doing some sort of drug which gives her a high pain threshold – also, it causes her to eat cookie dough naked in her kitchen. Maybe I made that part up because I think I have probably done that at some point.

Another thing: all the clothes in that picture are missing. I mean, I stole most of them from friends, but still – they are all gone. And look at how comfortable, look at living in a place where a person would actually need warm clothes.

Honestly, we’ve been making some edits to this book we are shopping around – and I have forgotten which poems I had published, and which ones Sunshine had published, so while we are whoring out our collaboration, I have been stuck as to which journals to submit excerpts to, and which excerpts I should submit because I have completely lost my point.

I know, things are pretty serious.

That moment when you’re playing hide and seek and they’re about to find you.