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Melissa Gira Grant @melissagira


Have your own “critical take”?

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Anne Elizabeth Moore has been working in and around young women’s issues in Cambodia for five years. Her book Cambodian Grrrl has been suggested as a Half The Sky alternative, for folks made reasonably uncomfortable with white neoliberal portrayals of feminism. 

Melissa Gira Grant writes on gender, sexuality, politics, and more often than she would like, on badvocacy like Half The Sky. She is indebted to the sex worker rights’ activists around the world and in Cambodia in particular for their firsthand accounts of the damage this dude has wrought.


I am going to go watch some politicians to some political things while reading about politics because I am simply a consumer.

I recently reblogged this:


Proclaiming: “I’m going out with my unemployed peers (MFA degrees are a good decision), and we WILL find a credible sources.”

Which turned into a Twittle fest with föezsz – who rules.

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath working my arse hard for joining you & rejoicing in asap. MFA is an organic made neon buttplug

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath

@feozsz Thank you!Some people were trying to convince me that I’d actually have to perform fellatio in order to gain credibility as a source

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath cunnilingulus is for sure a linguistic procession. it’ll speak for itself. no worries.

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath

@feozsz I’m going to need a source for that gesture too. People are really into empirical research methodology.

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath Epistomological Monism kills Marriage.

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath

@feozsz Are you teaching that class again this Spring!?

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath I’ve just Invaded the College of Fina Arts. Hoisting an ELF flag to the main entrance. Shall I pirate the reading list?

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath

@feozsz Yes, but make sure someone gets a black eye in the process. Progress. One broken nose at a time.

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath my index finger been broken for the last 6 months and the pain is surrealistically MFAsome.

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath

@feozsz I’ve had at least 5 concussions in the past two years. My memory is realistically MFAentitled.

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath


föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeath singing a song called ”all my pseudo-MFA theses”

kelley irms ‏@couchdeath



sexual val

föezsz ‏@feozsz

@couchdeathhttp://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lnv4hpYKQa1qf3dsno1_500.gif …

hit that pole

sexual freud

The second part leaked over to Facebook. I’m Joe Biden.

insect graveyard

kelsey kobik

These were all found at the farm.

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The Snake Pit (1948) Anatole Litvak

Twenty Four Frames

There were few films in 1948 that match up to the power of Anatole Litvak’s “The Snake Pit,” a film that was groundbreaking in its day.  Mental Illness was not dealt with on screen, at least not at the level and detail seen here.  The institutional living conditions these people were forced to live in was swept under the rug, as they say. Mary Jane Ward’s novel was based on her own experiences as a patient in a psychiatric hospital. After reading Ward’s first person novel, director Anatole Litvak wanted to bring the harrowing story to the screen. Naturally, the subject matter was considered too controversial and downbeat for most studios. 20th Century Fox finally agreed to make the film, which Litvak would not only direct but co-produced.

Olivia de Havilland was not the first choice for the role, that spot went to Gene Tierney who had to bow…

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Guess who is awesome? Jared Schickling is awesome.

a new book, The Pink,available for pre-order from BlazeVOX [books].  It should be print-ready momentarily.  You can read its outsides, and of course get a copy, here:



Highlander 1994


The Screamsheet

Not exactly awe-inspiring animation here.One of the remarkable things about Highlander is that the folks in charge of the franchise just don’t seem to get it. Case in point: Highlander: The Animated Series and Highlander III. Both came about in 1994, when the TV series had hit its stride and made the franchise popular again. The logical thing to do would have been to produce films based on the series and establish some continuity in the property. Instead, we got the exact opposite.

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