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Plate changes are very important to me.


My vote is always gonna be for the blue and gold New York license plates.

Really? I was shocked. Maybe it is because NY has moved on without me.

I love this post so much it hurts

Outside on the corner of 3rd and B and a man has been screaming “I don’t love you anymore” into his phone for the past 20 minutes. I fucking live for this city.

marianniepants: making friends is hard


I don’t have a washer/dryer situation in my apartment building, so I drop my things off at Sharon’s Laundry, which is just outside of my apartment building. It works out well.

But I made a critical error as the first time I dropped off my laundry and dry cleaning, I said I’d be there the next…

Tell that man to come swallow my fist.

marianniepants: making friends is hard

I am going to confess I lived in NJ for awhile

I went to high school with this girl for a bit:


I sort of wish someone at my work would hand me a red robe to wear?

I pretty much ate an entire bag of Chips Ahoy last night

In New York, we were walking to class and I noticed dozens of caterpillars on the ground. Some were smeared and oozing from being stepped on by students. I started to grab handfuls and relocate them near trees.

People slowed to watch and were laughing. I kept saying, “Wait, wait – there are more,” to all these strangers.

You stood in the grass and explained, “She does things like this.”

But I never knew which kinds of things I did.

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