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“Oh, you’re a law student? Bad news, you’re gonna be working for me.”




Oh, you’re an mba student? Bad news, you’re a raging asshole.

“Oh, you’re an MFA student? great news, you’re never gonna get a job ever.”



Oh, you’re a computer science student? Reddit.com

Los Angeles Times

Heyyyyyyyyyy DBQ!

“2) Dan Beachy-Quick’s “Wonderful Investigations” (Milkweed: 212 pp., $20) juxtaposes four essays with three “meditations” and four fable-like “tales” to trace the tension between mind and body, between our inner and our outer lives. A poet, he is terrific with an image and relies on antecedents here from Plato to Thoreau to give his work a context and a depth. “I have a little wound in my eye,” he writes, “and the light comes in. The page is a reminder of that wound.””


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  • Mark  ‎”I think Tawny inhaled too many exhaust fumes back in the late 80’s…she turned into a man beatin psycho…sooooo hot tho..she could beat me anytime….”

  • Mark  leslee told me to take out the tawyn kitaen reference from my thesis
  • Mark ‎*tawny, lol
  • Mark you dont want to know how many times i’ve pooped so far today
  • Kelley i can imagine, and while i miss knowing this information everyday, Tawny is so amazing – and that is bad advice. she basically climbs on his face while he is driving and thing does the splits for no other reason than to constantly have her vagina touching something.

  • Mark which you’d think would be a gold (star, amirite, Sunshine?) reference in a creative writing thesis
  • Kelley i mean…by 3:56 – he can’t take it anymore, he is absolutely flustered with the Vagina-rubbing Tawny. I like to refer to her as a “presser”
  • Kelley and i think she eats him at the end

  • Kelley kinda different. Ask Joseph about vagina pressers. we knew this girl (not going to name names) and she’d get drunk and press.

  • Joseph she’s into red wine enemas now

  • Mark yeah, how do you not know a presser, sunshine? you supposedly like vaginas for a living!

  • Joseph i have so many questions about the sounds of scissoring


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