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Delete Press will be releasing Brenda Iijima’s book this summer. 

This month is a huge vagina, but this book has arrived!

Joel Chace – Delete Press. Buy it.






Looking for pants and Delete Press

So this girl runs up to me at a store and kneels at my feet to examine my boots. I warned her not to get to close because smell. She’s touching my shoes and all, which is fine – strangers can bow before me, I’ve been waiting for it to happen for years.

Then, she was really supportive of my work with the public defender because some lawyer got four felonies erased from her record. Later she squeezed a strand of my hair? I told her I was sorry she got arrested, but it felt like our relationship had grown exponentially in the five minutes we had been speaking. Her boyfriend was holding all these clothes for her – and stuffing some things in his coat.

I hope I find them again. We were meant to be.

By the way – Delete Press is about to come out with Joel Chace’s new chapbook. http://deletepress.org/

Joel Chace http://9thstlab.blogspot.com/2012/01/visual-poetry-by-joel-chace.html

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stuff i like to read while i am first waking up

kill author (r.i.p.) = Issue Sixteen with Gregory Sherl

Rebound Poem

I fake break-up with K so I can rebound with myself. Alone, I fog every mirror with my fake kissing. I am never thinking about the weather’s attitude when I dress for the day, but I am always finding myself offended by the afternoon rain. This is how I feel when I wake up: all lightning like. K writes a novel in my veins. The first line goes You will never have to worry about the wind again. I can’t read the rest, she’s covered it with skin that matches my skin. I tell her Tell me how it ends and I’ll trade you my pudding snack for four Oreos. She goes into the other room and I can smell her smiling at me. Big books scare me so I only read novels that are 472 words long. I am writing a poem called “Rebound Poem” and it’s going to be really fantastic when I finish it.

diode v4n3 Kyle McCord

Epistle Written in the Shadow of a Metal-Mache Horse

The poems discolored my life also, Frank.  Honest.  And now
these friends, this scrap iron horse is all I have to show. 
I’m proud, Frank.  Tired, Frank.  My father’s house is a frame
whose functions I hear but can’t accurately interpret. 
Sarah dated a skinny goat by your same name then broke his heart—
banging a fifty-year-old plumber while he
passed out on a pile of coats.  He was one of the good ones, Frank
so buy him a scotch at the next convention. 
Sarah was beautiful in a way that’s hard to forget
which was all I asked for for my birthday and got it
buried myself in another woman in Maine.  Then the poems
dissipated all that into an afternoon of dusks, and it was 2007.
I had tape on my fingers and glue in my hair.  Mangled innards
of a shoe.  Many hopeful impressions of you.  Let’s go back
to your image of a mesa and your unwritten novel of Sancho Panza’s
exploration of the Mexican West.  Why did you bring me here?
Sancho asks.  To have a heart is to risk it.  To forge ahead, to live alone. 
To go up as fire you must be frightfully burdened
and more human than anything.

Diagram 12.4 Joel Chace

ditch, Sunshine Dempsey

From ghosts we carry solid:


absence of:

process catabolism mastication (roastchicken) defecation fertilization recombination synthesis consumption intoxication distribution analysis (visiting cafés on a weekday) methodology investigation (Masterpiece Mystery) sexual diversification and display (getting one’s hair cut) extratropical cyclones fluid dynamics (lacing one’s boots up tightly)