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The weather this week in Bama = this is how I’ve been when I go outside.

On the other hand, Stephenson Billings wrote an article about Tumblr for ‘The Daily Bleach.’


“And all this insanity continues late into the night as amped up kids chase down that impossible dream of internet fame, praying for one “reblog” kick after the next, more and more, harsher and deeper… As any skid row addict will tell you, that thrill is never as good as the first time. You used to get high off 5 “reblogs” but now you need 10, 20 or even 200 to feel special. Special? Yes, it’s all about the precious, delicate teen ego in this nasty corner of the internet. Once kids start defining themselves by their little pictures and grotesque dance music songs, they have to make themselves crazier and crazier to get noticed, to grasp those cherished “reblogs.” Pretty soon they’re spending every free minute Tumblering, jonesing like some reefer junkie living beneath a highway overpass.”


The Great Artificial Elephant. This is a robotic miracle! Made from 45 tons of recycled materials. 12 meters high, 8meters long, & can carry 49 passengers. Made in France. (Taken with Instagram)


from the episode ‘buddies’


print out a bunch of these and hand one to every white person you encounter

because every white person has deep deep pockets and no financial burdens. ever.