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This is the last thing I want to see before I die.


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Jack Spicer ‘An Apocalypse for Three Voices’

Jack Spicer: April 11, 1957 (Updated a year ago)

The Poetry Center presents Jack Spicer reading from his poetry.
Jack Spicer reads from his earlier poems, including “Imaginary Elegies,” “Psychoanalysis: An Elegy,” and “Song For Bird and Myself,” among others.

The world is what we’re always in the process of defining so we can organize it and each other. Religion – “organized” religion – keeps the poor and, particularly, women, subdued and unquestioning. We’re supposed to abide within a poorer or inferior majority, supposed to have a caste system, supposed to hide parts of our bodies in various ways and not assume authority: the male gods and their emissaries assure us of this. Contrarily, the world seems to me to be largely chaotic in a rather attractive way, in motion and with forms blurred and colors bleeding like on LSD, oneself interacting with all that but retaining nonetheless a sense of self. I am privy to mystical experience, what you might call grace, but it comes largely when I write – a version not described in William James’s The Varieties of Religious Experience. I don’t believe in god, except in some way where I am god or everything is god. I seem to believe in the afterlife, since I seem to communicate with the dead; but it’s important to say “seem,” although it doesn’t feel really important whether or not I can say with clear-cut certainty, Yes there is an afterlife, Yes I communicate with the dead. None of the ways we define things work in this area, except maybe poetry. Poetry looks at the world in order constantly to recreate it, not define it.

Alice Notley (via languagefetishist)

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