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Los Angeles Times

Heyyyyyyyyyy DBQ!

“2) Dan Beachy-Quick’s “Wonderful Investigations” (Milkweed: 212 pp., $20) juxtaposes four essays with three “meditations” and four fable-like “tales” to trace the tension between mind and body, between our inner and our outer lives. A poet, he is terrific with an image and relies on antecedents here from Plato to Thoreau to give his work a context and a depth. “I have a little wound in my eye,” he writes, “and the light comes in. The page is a reminder of that wound.””



This is my neighbor who lives in the dollhouse above me. This is his roof deck. Great, right?

Also you cannot put a price on good neighbors.

Truth. Beauty. BOOM!

Poems Brad Vogler


I’m a stuffed fish pretty as you make me.

Eyes black as holes in a casket.

The green spilt-oil gleam of scales
shinning like a heaven you can’t have.



do we know full well that it makes itself to boast of its self

or that we make it to boast of ourselves

or that we make it to boast of it

or that it makes us to boast of its self

or that it makes us to boast of ourselves,

and if so, could we safely say

we are still sages and wizards and witches?

Cuckoos or Davenport brothers. Boys from Buffalo.

Wild West where the mountains equal a huge mouth and you cannot leave.


When Dan first moved to Denver and was living with Marianne and I (besties!) she and I went to the ARC and got 2 piggie banks, one in the shape of a pirate chest (for Dan’s tips) and one little ceramic one that looks like a vault and it’s real cute. We keep our loose change in there.

I am having this fantasy that that loose change will magically add up to like hundreds of dollars by SOON and I will use it to go to the ocean.

I hate being land locked.

Take it away, Conor


Colorado is beautiful. Horsetooth Reservoir with Fort Collins in the distance.