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warning about White Castle

Once, my mother did too much acid and her friends decided to take her to White Castle. She saw an eyeball in the burger. After that – everything went downhill.

Once, when I did too much acid – this dude who went by the name ‘Rocky,’ started swinging from the doorframe and chanting, “It’s the room. It’s the weather. It’s the room. It’s the weather.” And this went on for quite awhile, so I started playing with a slinky.

Then, Rocky pulled out a knife and was like, “Don’t worry it’s not like I AM GOING TO KILL ANYONE!” At that point I started looking at all the guys in the room, and noticed their facial hair had grown by at least a half inch. I felt this was extremely important to point out, which resulted in me touching everyone’s face?


This response is 100% correct.


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i’ve never seen jaws.

that’s crazy. i think all children should be forced to watch jaws because all children deserve to be afraid of swimming and water in general. 

Action Movies

Last night, we were watching some superhero movie, and I hate when someone talks during it – even if the thing is really awful.

So afterwards, I do this Superman-type jump, misjudge my landing, turn it into a flip of sorts, and land right on my head.

It was one of those moments where you don’t want to cry because it is kind of funny, but your body/brain/nervous system is like, “no no no, that SHIT hurt.” He’s concerned and saying move your toes, move your fingers, and I’m laughing and crying.

Then, he’s more upset than I am, “We shouldn’t rough-house, no more, you always land on your head.” (which is true, I am always getting concussions)

But it reminded me of how my brother, so he wouldn’t get in trouble, would try to silence me if he accidentally hurt me while we were wrestling. He’d say, “We can’t play anymore if mom finds out. Forget it – you are too fragile and sensitive.” So I’d run downstairs to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to show how tough I was?

Although there were a few times when I’d legit get hurt – like hospital time injury – and my brother would run into his room and bawl his eyes out as if he’d just murdered a puppy. But yeah, I’m lying frozen on a bed saying, “NO, it is fine – I’m fine, I just jumped over you instead of on you. We can still joke around!”

Younger sibling syndrome?

Young girls do not enjoy the seams

Christmas in Chicago visiting grandparents + mother determined to put me in tights and a dress.

I felt the line pressing my toes, shoes were on but I was stomping, and there were words I did not know at that age = ‘yawn’

Because of dramatic inclination, the discomfort put me in a state of hysteria /words I knew at that age.

I repeated to my mom, “I can’t stop humming,” on loop for an hour as I kept trying to take deep breaths. After watching me pace and gasp, she decided I was having an asthma attack.

The doctor was kind, “I just keep humming, why can’t I stop humming? I can’t finish my hum!” He listened to my lungs and told my confused mother I was hyperventilating and meant to say the word ‘yawn,’ which actually implied I couldn’t catch my breath because of anxiety.

Hearing this, “I know what I mean. I’m humming.” I continued to take my shoes off and pull at the lining of the tights.

Because of parental intuition, my mother had me remove the stockings. The doctor said, “Hold your hum in your stomach for a minute. Now, release your breath slowly. Hum like this…” and he imitated taking air in through one’s stomach and letting it out evenly.