This blog works in a few ways:

You submit a piece of exquisite writing. We read it and we get distracted. Then, the focus shifts back and forth from our conversation to your piece.

We find “overheard dialogues.” These may be threads on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, emails, or people speaking in real life. This means we will have to leave the convent on occasion.

Craigslist, YouTube, and other mediums which have comments may also be included.

We will also promote and reblog things we would like to share with you. Because we care.


We only publish quality work. We have MFAs, which means we know nothing about poetry, fiction, nonfiction, hybrid works, or anything to do with the written word.

Also, we are using “publish” in the loosest sense, because we are pretty loose ourselves. Let’s think of it as a collaboration, just with multiple interruptions.

To submit send an email to: ijustmadeasandwich (at) gmail dot com.

Work will be featured in our Posts section separated by month.

If you don’t participate in this, you are going to receive a chain email, which will actually come true.

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